What Is STEEM Savvy?

This is a training platform dedicated to helping new members of the STEEM blockchain get familiar with it's unique potential. It's mission is to spread the STEEM blockchain to the world and help all Steemians grow their accounts by adding value to the blockchain.

O.k. sounds good but what is STEEM?

STEEM is...Everything :) For more information on the STEEM blockchain you can visit www.Steem.io It's social media. It's decentralized applications. It's a blockchain. It's awesome!

Will I get rich by using STEEM and SteemSavvy?

Absolutely not. This is NOT a way to get rich overnight but a brand new social media platform powered by a blockchain. Please note - There is ZERO claims of income with SteemSavvy and you should always do your due diligence when it comes to anything blockchain related. If it sounds too good to be true and there are promises of big riches, run away! SteemSavvy is built to provide you with the best information possible on how to grow your account using the amazing applications within STEEM.

Why SteemSavvy?

While STEEM is one of the more exciting blockchain projects online, it's big! And big can sometimes mean confusing for newer adopters of STEEM. We created SteemSavvy with the 'newbie' in mind. Our training is based on drip-fed learning where you never get too much information at once. You can learn at your own pace and grow with others in the community. We're big on 'taking your time and learning it the right way'!

What does it cost to join SteemSavvy?

It's free! There are no pitches when you join SteemSavvy, and you will never be upsold a thing. We created this to help grow your account and promote STEEM to the world. We believe in it and have a vested interest in seeing STEEM adopted by millions upon millions! STEEM is a social media revolution and you are on the ground floor of this amazing platform!

Disclaimer – Please Read Before Joining!

Remember – You are responsible for EVERY decision you make! We will do our best to help you and create an enjoyable experience but remember, this industry is so new and changes will take place. While Blockchain / crypto is very exciting it is still so new no one can predict it's volatile future. That's the best thing about STEEM and what we promote in SteemSavvy...This is so much more than just a crypto and blockchain project. It's social media! It's real people! It's real potential! We will always be updating our training and content to provide members with the best possible information. With that in mind ,we reserve the right to change / remove anything within SteemSavvy!

I have questions that aren't answered here, do you have a support desk?

We would LOVE to hear from you! Please join our Discord server if you have any questions at all on how we can help you on your STEEM journey!