Jon's SteemSavvy Achievements

Jon Olson | @jongolson Latest Achievement:
SteemHunt Shhhhh....We're going on a hunt...
ActiFit Get rewarded for being ACTIVE? Only on STEEM...ActiFit unlocked!
The Power of STEEM! The power of the blockchain...It's real!
The Power of STEEM!
Know! Like! Trust! STEEM is about getting people to...Know, like and trust you!
Know! Like! Trust!
1Luv 1Luv Can you feel, the LOVE tonight? You rock...You got the OneLoveDtube badge!
1Luv 1Luv
Feelin' Lucky? Rollin' Dice!!! Feelin' Lucky!!
Feelin' Lucky?
100 Referrals Legendary! How many more can you refer after 100 members to SteemSavvy?
100 Referrals
The Blocktrades 'Trick' Did you 'get it'? It's pretty slick....And savvy ;)
The Blocktrades 'Trick'
50 Referrals Amazing work! You've earned the 50 referrals badge!
50 Referrals
25 Referrals 25 referrals! There is no stopping you...
25 Referrals
Error! Error! Beep. Click. Error. Error! You found the 404 Error badge...Somehow???
Error! Error!
10 Referrals 10 referrals to SteemSavvy? You are savage!
10 Referrals
5 Referrals Wow, 5 referrals! Keep building your network! Great work!
5 Referrals
1 Referral Slick! You've referred a new member to SteemSavvy!
1 Referral
Monster Mash! Awesome sauce! You unlocked the Steem Monsters badge!
Monster Mash!
Do You Discord? There is no better place to meet your fellow Steemians than on Discord! Congrats on completing this lesson!
Do You Discord?
Partiko Passion! STEEM on the go! Congrats on unlocking the Partiko badge!
Partiko Passion!
Danger Will Robinson! Some Steemians may dislike it! But you've completed the BitBots training!
Danger Will Robinson!
The Better 'Tube'! You earned this badge by completing the dTube lesson in SteemSavvy!
The Better 'Tube'!
Communities Rock! We're honored to have you in OUR community :)
Communities Rock!
Insider Secrets! Hey look! Another badge for being awesome! (And completing the Tips N' Tricks Module!)
Insider Secrets!
The dApps of STEEM Badge earned by completing the dApps of STEEM module!
The dApps of STEEM
Hi My Name Is... You action taker you! You've earned this by creating a custom welcome message for your referrals...
Hi My Name Is...
Steem 1-2-3! Badges earned for being awesome! (And completing the STEEM Basics module...)
Steem 1-2-3!
Awesome Sauce! Keep Going... Welcome to SteemSavvy! Here's your first badge! How many more can you find and unlock?
Awesome Sauce! Keep Going...

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